The Next Time Out….

January 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Another day, another dollar witheld. *sigh* Last night’s ticket buyers were not as enthusiastic as the ticket buyers the previous night. There was much door slamming and altogether too much disappointment. However, those who DID buy tickets were very nice….and I’ve discovered I’m a celebrity among all varieties of canines. Well, I’m hoping that tomorrow’s stake-out at Murdoch’s will be more productive than this exhausting individual ticket selling. When the people answer the door, their reactions always fall into one of these three catagories:
SUSPICIOUS: this actually has two subcatagories! The first being their suspicions that I might run into their house and murder them all (these people often talk to me through a small crack in their door) and secondly, those that suspect that I’ve devised some elaborate scam and plan on draining their entire bank account! MUAHAHAHA.
ANNOYED: these people want nothing to do with my fancy pink papers and bothersome sales pitch. They are characterized by pursed lips, shaking heads, and large wooden doors (Note to fellow salesmen: the images of these large wooden doors may linger in your mind long after they’ve been shut in your face. Have a therapist on call for those persistent feelings of failure and depression.)
FRIENDLIES: These people are nice to the extreme. Known for their “come in for a cup of cocoa” invitations and good smelling houses.


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