AAAAND fun’s over…..

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, I guess, the fun isn’t over technically, but the fundraising hype has come to an end. Tonight was….less than productive. I dare to say that it was HORRIBLE; but I shouldn’t complain. Ha Ha. If a creepy teenage girl came to MY door I certainly wouldn’t buy anything. Soooooo, I suppose that I will just have to be more adorable and complimentary. Or perhaps I could dance and sing? That would hook ’em. Anyway, my dad and I, decided to go rich people hunting because we figured hey, they got dough to blow. Alas!! Rich people apparently do not carry cash AND every single one of them have children struggling to make ends meet and they are forced to support them…plus they are planning a trip to Europe themselves and can’t be bothered. He he he. Oh! I am such an ungrateful child!!! I apologize! I apologize! I love everyone! ha ha. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have better luck.


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